Client Verification

Client Verification

We are required under the AML/CFT Act to verify your ID

The easiest option for us is to meet you face to face and to see your original passport and proof of address.

However, we appreciate that this might not be the easiest option for you!  Your options are:

  1. Visit our office and bring your ID.
  2. You can get your ID certified by a ‘trusted referee’ (see below) and email us the copies.  You will also need to send us the original certification document.
  3. You can verify your identity yourself, electronically, using your phone and New Zealand passport.  We use a tool called Cloudcheck.   You do not need to download any software.  You simply upload your ID via your smartphone.  Via the camera, on your device, it checks your face against your ID.

If you need us to start work for you asap, option 3 might be the quickest and easiest option for you.  Click here to email us to ask for option 3.


How to get your ID certified if you cannot meet us face to face

You must go to a ‘trusted’ referee and have them certify the ID.  They must sight the original ID, make a statement to the effect that they are a true copy and represent the identity of the named individual.

Certification must include the name, signature and date of certification.  The trusted referee must specify their capacity to act as a trusted referee.

Certification must have been carried out in the 3 months preceding the presentation of the copied documents.

Copies of international ID must be certified by a person authorised by law in that country to take statutory declarations or equivalent in the customer’s country.

You can email us a copy of the certification, but you must also provide us with the original certification in due course.

If your ID and certification are not in English, you must provide a written translation.

In NZ a trusted referee must be:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Commonwealth representative
  • Member of the police
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Registered medical doctor
  • Registered teacher
  • Lawyer (but not the lawyer you are instructing)
  • Notary public
  • MP
  • Chartered accountant
  • Kaumatua (as verified through a reputable source)
  • A person who has the legal authority to take statutory declarations or the equivalent in NZ