Krista Sim – Associate Promotion

Mee & Henry Law is pleased to announce the promotion of Krista Sim to the role of Associate as of 1 July 2022. Krista is an integral member of our firm working with a focus in our Trust and Estates Team.  She creates and maintains excellent client relationships and has a practical approach to the law, which reflects our key objectives to provide quality legal services in an exceptional and cost-effective way.

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Jubliee SuperGrans – Current Workshops

SuperGrans is a service  from SuperGrans Limited under the Jubilee Budgeting umbrella.  Their whánau mentors share their knowledge and skills with people in our communities through the concept of kaitiaki mentoring the sharing of generational knowledge.   Their wish is to see communities thrive by engaging and empowering people to strengthen their own skills and knowledge and to have the confidence to make changes that will benefit themselves and their whánau. Your can check out their website at  or their Facebook…

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Importance of Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney

We assist with – Drafting and correct signing of Wills Preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney Advice on Signing Enduring Powers of Attorney We offer a FREE Will service, unless your Will is really complex (in which event we will be in touch to discuss costs with you) . To make things even easier we have an Online Form in which you can enter most of the information we are likely to need to draft up your brand…

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AML/CFT Phase 2 entity

New Zealand has passed a law called the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (we will call it the AML/CFT law). The purpose of the law reflects New Zealand’s commitment to the international initiative to counter the impact that criminal activity has on people and economies within the global community.

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